Reading echo's words in a different voice


Here’s something I don’t like about myself anymore. When I read sometimes I hear “the voices” repeating what I read word for word outside of my body. Sometimes it is ignorable, but sometimes it’s like when you make a phone call and for some reason you can hear everything you say a second after you say it repeated back to you. It’s really obnoxious. These f’n voices are intelligent, though disrespectful. I wish they would stop doing it.


just ignore them as best as you can.
take care :alien:


Yeah they seem pseudo intelligent. But they are pretty retarded. Repeat or criticize and insult. Never any actual thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if SZ was a form of entertainment. It was for a while but it’s boiled down to being a tedious disability and distraction from real life. Oh effing well.


For sz to be good entertainment you would have to make some sort of push-button device that triggered hallucinations or something. I mean It would at least be interesting if you could trigger certain stimulus on purpose. Lots of research potential in a device that lets you trip out.


They call it perms tripping and I’m tired of it. Thankfully my hallucinations seem to be winding down.


Sz is only entertaining when I’m not busy doing something else, and it’s pleasurable.
Take that however you want, but who here would seek help if they were happy?


my voices tend to read for me if my voice doesn’t read it aloud in my head then, they will read the sentence for me. one at a time (voice) obviously. but yeah it’s certainly very odd to have a voice read for you. it only happens when they are trying to prove that they are telepathic and that they can see through my eyes. it’s still ■■■■ though. they are just splinters of the self with different identities is all. fascinating though the psychology of it is…i would rather be without it. still, the second half of the day yesterday and all night last night they were virtually silent. it’s 8.16am here now and they are just starting to amp up…though they’ll stop when i fall asleep. sometimes i hear them in my dreams but they don’t seem to know that i’m dreaming. they talk to me as if i’m awake…which again proves they are a part f my mind rather than an outside influence…anybody would be able to recognise a dream sequence and yet they don’t have that capacity. keep on truckin folks!!


Another cool one is when the voices say they are going to give me a number to call so that they will stop.

Then they ream off my mobile number, sometimes as I typed it in, glad they stopped doing it a few years ago. They certainly had me going for a bit.