Reading books is fun

It makes you smarter
It’s not stressful
It’s fun.

hard to concentrate
Hard to complete the book


What book you reading?

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Liberated mind…

What’s it about?

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It’s about how to reduce stress and create meaningful life

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Yes!!! Reading is fun!!! It’s not hard to concentrate for me. And it’s not hard to finish books either. I finish almost all the books I start.

I don’t know if they make you smart or not. I’m not very smart :unamused:.

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I’ve recently gotten more control over my anxiety and it’s really brought my prefrontal cortex back online.

Now I’m able to understand, enjoy and retain what I’ve read.

It’s not perfect because I only have windows of time when I can do this, but it’s been amazing to realize I am still capable of it.

I agree. Reading books is fun. :slightly_smiling_face:


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