Reading books and schizophrenia

I know some of you are some adept readers. Easily plundering through many books. However that’s not me. I think I have some cognitive defects. Although I can still read. More so it is Im lazy, I procrastinate, I put off reading, I don’t see the point. I mean I like to read at times but…no no there is a cognitive factor too. And until I was 13 I read books easily but not many. Then at around the same exact age I stopped reading altogether it became very difficult. But that was until I got an Alan watts book as a gift. I got back into it but I can never read as effortlessly as before when I was a kid. Neither do I want to. Even though I realize the benefits of reading now more than ever. Sometimes my anxiety is too bad to read. I much prefer walking to any activity or hiking. I need to remind myself that I love hiking. I like listening to people talk on YouTube. I like some books at times. Eventually I’ll get to Alice in wonderland but I procrastinate a lot. I’m learning to accept my limitations. It’s ok to be stiller. That’s the key to meditation. The key to a normaler life. To live presently and anxiety free and take my meds still but to quiet the chatter around. The external stimuli and live more naturally. I’m lucky I don’t have any hallucinations anymore. Acceptance feels good. For a while it was hard to accept but it messed me up. Ok off topic


My reading ability was down in the gutter for a long time. I’ve found with practice I’m improving. Maybe adopt a “growth” mindset, it could produce result


I have not read a book since I finished my studies in 2013.

Even then I was only following the structure of indexes and getting references.

When I did my history of science module, I struggled quite badly, as I missed a load of classes due to being psychotic.

I pulled myself together and found I was having to read some really old sci-fi books. The main one I read cover to cover was the Time Machine. It was only a short book.

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I think with time staying away from non-prescribed drugs may help me but maybe not too although either way I will abstain. I think I’m on too high of doses of antipsychotics also to read. And with time i can go down on my abilify but I had too bad a recent swing that I need to stay at 25 mg abilify and a small dose of Thorazine too, for now. But eventually due to a variety of factors I can improve my reading possibly.

I read a book in the hospital Actually but that was the first in a long time probably that I completely finished

Keep at it, keep trying and you’ll be improving in no time

I used to be an avid reader since I was a little kid. Now I can’t read walls of texts like books, so I listen to audiobooks now as a workaround.

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I’m struggling to finish a long book I’d started sometime 'round mid 2020. But in the meantime I’ve managed to read two shorter ones. Practice is key. It’s very easy to grow out of a good habit. And reading is one such habit imho.

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I somehow managed to read a biography about a year ago. Now my reading has improved but I haven’t started anything.