Read and Recall information

Hey everyone, who here can read and learn information?

I’m a student, and I find I have this weakness.

Lots of people here can. I find it difficult though.

Has practicing helped you at all?

I just listen to audiobooks now. I gave up on reading large volumes of text.

If you Google search how to recall what you’ve read there are actually a lot of good sites that have ideas to help.

I have poor recall skills as I am getting older. It is frustrating

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Schizophrenia has affected my ability to read and retain information, but also a head injury.

I have gotten into the habit of reading each paragraph twice, sometimes even three times as I go.

i can’t read big texts anymore… so reading a book is a no no…

Yes I have that problem since 2-3yrs before sz. I found a workaround but it only improves things a bit. I rewrote important parts on every page I had to read and highlighted important text. Sometimes I had to write the important txt more than twice to understand it. Plus I used the voice reading feature in Google books. If you have the book in pdf you can use @ReadAloud app.

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I’ve read probably a few dozen books since I got schizophrenia, perhaps. It depends on the book and how I feel and how I’m doing in life. Sometimes, I struggle a lot. Like I don’t retain information in the more abstract books. Some people claim to have read ‘thousands of books’ which I always found impossible, but who am I?

I enjoy conspiracy theories, math, and science, mainly.

I bought a ■■■■ ton of ‘hardcore’ math textbooks for future reference or for my descendents some day lol…I mean I always enjoyed collecting or having math books. I have enough math books for undergrad education plus some.

The conspiracy books are easy to follow and read and perhaps the most enjoyable.

The hardest ones are probably classic novels like “Slaughterhouse Five” which at the time I was in a group home. I read it a few years ago pretty fast like in less than 1 day, but I don’t remember it. It’s definitely one of my favorite books though. A classic. I also read other books like dystopian fiction like “Brave New World” which I also loved but cannot remember the details anymore or anyhow lol…

Anyways, I’ve read and bought a lot of books over the past 10 years dealing with schizophrenia. Sometimes, I just buy books and don’t read them like Newton’s ‘Principia’ which I hope to one day to read, give away, or collect. (Most of my books will probably go in the trash after I die, which sucks :frowning: )

I can’t do math anymore and my studying strategies or research skills took a major hit. It’s clearly I’m not smart enough anymore or have the abilities or willpower to do anything. I cannot program or do computer science anymore, and I hate school or going to school anymore. I rather just stay in my room.

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