Read all these things on the form, where's the help?

There are people stuck in their own delusional world, there are people trying to fight the delusions, there are people hallucination things that are not there. I read all these forms and learn nothing. We need scientific knowledge from the administrators, to help get back in touch with reality. Cognitive therapy, phycology, scientific explanations for schizophrenia, just anything we can use to help us determine what is real and what is fake. I encourage it to be posted on the forms, and not the main page, because that is where most of us who are in need look. Anything that can help us to live a more fulfilling life.


I agree, but the SzAdmin promotes masterbation, and now I see a disgusting post on getting head this morning and using cocaine.

Like I said, I will stick to the news.


I’m not sure how much you read the news category however we do try to post as much as we come across regarding treatments and breakthroughs in what scientists are trying to learn. We can only post the articles. It is up to the individual to seek therapy as we are not therapists.


That thread was deleted as soon as I saw it.


Lots of news on the home page

and here:


But the admin’s are not scientist.

I’m sorry you’re not getting anything from the member’s post. I get new ideas and view points and inspiration all the time. I get knowledge when I’m at a loss as to why something is the way it is. I get information when I am trying to find a resource.


I like the forum, want to hang out sure, share your music why not, share the news yeah, do whatever, this forum helps me.

Even the sharing of art helps me, it’s nice.

And of course there are people in their own delusional world, it’s a schizophrenia forum, isn’t that what it is sometimes? Question should be why wouldn’t that happen?


promoting masturbation is not something to be frowned upon- most shrinks think that is ok. In fact fetuses play with themselves in utero, masturbation is a human norm, like going number 2- everyone does it or has done it- in all cultures, once a person discovers sexually stimulating themselves, they start repetitively doing it until someone else tells them to stop. In some very rare cases one never masturbates, usually Catholicism and their brainwash is the reason for that.



pro mediacation works over placebo…that is true in life as it is here!

Taking pills which often have complicated for living side effects works over posts by those who don’t take medications.

It’s not the masturbation that will do you in…it’s not taking the pills as prescribed!

…and then for some that is a stretch in itself and that is the problem!

It’s no slight people are delusional and don’t want to come out of it…they deserve a post or two. If they aren’t learning then there’s enough information on this website but unless you do A Take your medication then B you get well isn’t going on for them anytime soon and thus C posts that seem delusional or problematic for those seeking help!

A friend in the struggle,


@atabo What are you talking about? I suggest you at least type in complete sentences.

I just wanted to say about the masturbation post that was deleted. Thank you for putting that in the Topic heading so I knew I didn’t want to read it and could ignore it.

We aren’t looking for a cure. This isn’t like a high school research paper where everyone gets the same topic and ends up with the same conclusion. We don’t even know what causes this. People say dopamine, but they don’t know for certain. In fact there was a big to-do over antidepressants (a year or so I think) ago where people were saying they didn’t really work and that really caught steam because people still don’t really know how that works either. It sounds to me like they are just injecting rats with random chemicals and seeing what happens. I’m sure there is more of a scientific method than that, but I doubt by much.
That does give me a good idea though. What if we all donated all our medical histories (anonymously) to doctors who are trying to figure out what genes trigger it. Maybe based on severity and other issues they can determine if maybe, say people with blue eyes are 5.0% more likely to also develop sz. Or people who have aristocratic lineage (the aristocrats {at least in England} inbred a lot) You know, help target groups who need to be screened (especially children. It seems a lot of people miss it in children). I don’t know if that would be useful, but I will try to ask my doc.

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why aren’t you looking for a cure? and are you speaking for everyone when you say that? not one wants to indulge in theoretical exploration of the disorder? it would seem the op does.

there is some truth to what you say. “disease” is an illusion. and men have much authority that has been suppressed to overcome many things. few doctors know this however. they are simple servants of knowledge. sheep.
i’ll translate what you’re saying:
he is saying not to think of schizophrenia as “schizophrenia”, or a “disease”. but to understand it, instead. if something is already named for you, it can taint your perception and interpretation of the actual condition.

Cures require math. I am a creative type.

cures require math… if you’ve bought into science’s mindless theories i suppose.

Surely someone in reality who reads your post would understand you are still ill. That thought process is still delusional and lacks tendencies that are normal to one with a healthy brain. @theendofwords

Understanding of your illness is a major step to recovery. You may decide that unbelieving in defining yourself as ill is the right thing to do, but it does nothing to help you with your schizophrenia symptoms, indeed it is just a delusional thinking pattern caused by your schizophrenia.

Have you tried chemistry?

apparently you do not know what you are talking to you. “delusion” and “fantasy” cannot be held in this mind. perhaps you should try to look for understanding in my words, instead of folly, based on your schizo-hypnotic logic, which all men under me do use. what is it do you think makes a brain unhealthy? it is not chemicals or numbers. these are illusions and graven images. i don’t “unbelieve” in defining myself as “ill”. i do not define myself as anything. only the dead who are still awaiting resurrection do that.