Reacreational drugs and their impacts

What are the long term affects of doing this drug lsd say 10 years ago I then did it again and it didnt go right like a month after it and i had a bad trip, it was absolutely terror… i stopped it all, smoking weed, mdma and everything else at the age 20. when i started hallucinating 4 years later from just being healthy and being normal i could tell it was different from the drugs.the terror i get was the same terror i felt from the bad trip on lsd.

My psychiatrist said this is all underlying and was bound to ome out. surely this shaped me into what sort of MI i got.

I know im missing alot of points here but maybe someone with more clarification can help.


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If you have risk genes for psychosis they can give you a psychotic disorder. Unfortunately most people don’t know they have these risk genes until too late…generally I would say if you have family with a psychotic disorder don’t touch hallucinogenics. Not everyone w the risk genes does have diagnosed family with it though…so it’s not always preventable :confused: