Re-activated my Facebook account


I haven’t been active on Facebook in about 10 years. Every now and then I would sign in and activate it, but then I would deactivate it after I was done. I think I’m gonna keep it activated from now on. Guess it’s time to change my old profile pic to my now ugly mug


I kind of want to “come out” of the schizo closet…but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. My old friends are probably curious as to whatever the hell happened to me…why I just ghosted all of them


I’ve thought about “coming out” of the schzo closet on Facebook as well but I don’t have enough friends who I think would ‘appreciate’ my situation.

This basically means I would be coming out as a psycho due to ignorance and I would be branding myself. This is just my view, I may be wrong.


I definitely feel the same way. I’m not sure people would empathize with my situation, and just rule me as a psycho. If I ever get in a conversation with one of my old friends, I might tell them then


That’s what I have done for the most part, a few friends I haven’t told but my close friends know.


I came out of the schizo closet but no body gave an f*ck besides some random people I used to party with.


Cool! What is your goal?


I’m just getting kind of lonely…maybe looking for some companionship with a girl. I’m on the fence about dating, though


I reopened mine , mostly for my business and google results, I don’t have many friends so it is not that interesting


What is your hesitation about dating?


I haven’t dated in years, so there’s that. But also, I have little money, no job, no close friends, and the fact I’m schizophrenic could be a deterrent for some.


You can find the right person. I’m married, my husband doesn’t have mental illness, and he is high-achieving and owns his own business.

Don’t give up on meeting someone. Are you looking for work? Do you collect disability?


Yes, I’m currently in the process of looking for a job. I do collect disability, so I have some money. Just not enough coming in to warrant a relationship.

I hope you’re right though. I’m finally putting myself out there a little bit, and hopefully I’ll find someone. But I’m very hesitant and skeptical.


I want to delete myne, I have not used it in over a year. I think most of the people I do not really know much now anyway.


It’s normal to be nervous. I just want to make sure you aren’t lying to yourself. The truth is that you can find someone.

Concentrate on making friends. That support is vital. Through friendships you can also practice dating and meet possible people to date.

There are online sites to meet people to be friends with or to date.

You don’t need a lot of money to have friends or to date. You just need to be wise with the money you have.

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