Raw Vegan and holistic lifestyle?

I was thinking about going raw vegan but I’m not sure. My mom is worried about what it might do to the body. I also heard that vegans are mentally ill but I know that is a stereotype. I want to change my lifestyle and be more health conscious. I have also thought about holistic living too. Overall I’m thinking about changing for the better.


Don’t forget to take those vitamins that make up for the lack of meat…


Removing meat from my diet for a while made me a lot healthier, but that’s mainly because it’s nearly impossible to buy junk and processed food that is raw and vegan.

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I had this hippie bacon this morning which was vegan and damn it was pretty good not gonna lie. I think it was called tempeh

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I was ethical vegan for 8 months.
Its really strict but can be nice also with lots fruit n vegetables, sallads n healthiness.
I dont really hold that view anymore and eat meat and dairy now.
I think good dairy n milk can be really nourishing n i love a good bbq.

I love tempeh.

I have thought n wondered if i would go vegan again.

Maybe you could start off by being vegan on weekdays n see how goes.

I went vegan when I collapsed.

I thought that by being vegan I would be happy (probably delusions), but nothing else happened.

I eat meat and I think it’s important for my health, mainly because it’s got Vitamin B12 and Zinc. And god damn, meat is tasty. I love barbecues :smile: !

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Now that my vitamins seem to be working I have switched to organic coffee and drink half of what I used too…
Also trying grass fed yogurt with organic chia seeds.
Bought raw sprouted sunflower seeds.
Starting to love salad. Eat salad spinach or romain hearts everyday. Those are not organic.
Spending lots at the heslth good store. But we have a good one in town.
Take. D3, k2 , methyl folate, methyl b12…I think it’s making a difference. Stayed busy today.

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my mate is pescarian (he eats veg n fish) because it is better than going full vegan for people like us, because of the vitamins in oily fish for your brain to repair itself. xxxxx

you can still cut meat out and stuff, but make sure you eat lentils, kidney beans and runner beans to make up the protein you are not getting because you aint eating meat.


Also doing raw fermented saurkraut. Taste pretty good. Down the road maybe ferment my own veggies. Been reading about gut biom. Also take probiotics sometimes. Slow process but I think it is all helping.


I’m under a lot of stress right now living with my mean spirited father, so I am eating a lot of junk food and snacks to make me feel better.

I know that in the long run it can hurt me but right now it’s a quick fix.

At least explore your options. Ever since I was diagnosed I kept trying new supplements and stuff. After 5 years I feel like I am on the right track.
Sorry about your dad and living circumstances. We all just want to get better.

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I went vegan for a few months this year, but switched back to vegetarianism because it is easier, and I need a little cheese for B12 and maybe an egg occasionally. But I drink soya milk instead of cows milk, even though I love regular cow’s cheese. And I love lentils too, a good vegetarian source of protein. I admire raw foodists for their commitment, but I can’t see myself being one. No harm in trying but be careful to get all the vitamins and minerals in.


ive just made a mean spaghetti sauce with one red pepper, one onion, 2x vine tomatos, half tin tomatoes. handful of dried mixed herbs, 4 big mushrooms. sweated them in olive oil for 10 mins then added the can of tomatoes

then on low heat for 35 mins til it goes kind of dark red.

take off heat

put hot water in a pan and a handful of spaghetti cook aldente (slightly hard) for 15 mins take off heat and serve with the sauce

blooming yummy

no meat involved and its less calories and it can be frozen for next time in a plastic tub xxxxxxxxxx

I think I’m going to try and become a grainitarian… all non perishable and easily grown

Beans… lot’s of beans

it’s actually pretty comprehensive…

I also want to grow hemp too… so I can make biodeisel and live off the grid. As well as clothes and stuff.