Rational paranoia

tonight is the lastnight i ever order takeaway to my door again.
I spend quite a bit on it every year which is no biggy, but when you order online takeaway you really run the risk of someone tampering with your food. which is something we all generally understand. But I no longer feel comfortable ordering it anymore it will be a good cost saver and i’m just going to focus on ez meals at home from now on or i’ll go to the bar or something for a steak instead.
I can no longer see myself ordering it, it feels sketchy and the vibe is wrong when ordering it. you just truly never know what someone could do to your food.
like what if someone ejaculate or spits on your food that is suffering from aids? you’re completely screwed. and you would never know how you got it. someone could poison it or anything. the risks are real and I just don’t wanna risk it anymore so i’m not going to.
just thought i’d put this here because its a rational fear not schiz related paranoia.

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Don’t think it’s rational as the probability of that happening is extremely low.

I also think that your fear of takeaway food is irrational. I say that to help, to alleviate your fears and make your life better, not to challenge or disagree with you.

Of course, it’s possible that someone might tamper with your food. But that could happen in a restaurant as well as with takeaway food. The waiter/waitress could tamper with your food before they serve it to you. The chef might sneak something into your food before it gets to your table. But why would they do that? They have no motive to cause you harm. Or do they? Have you been a difficult customer and therefore think they want ‘revenge’? Probably not.

It sounds like your mind is trying to help you save money, that you feel shameful about overspending, so it’s inventing this delusional thought. It’s very true, takeaway food is expensive; they often charge extra and then you have to tip the delivery person. But I’d cast out any ideas that takeaway food is harmful. Enjoy life, sure it’s a nightmare but it’s not as bad as our minds want to make it.

Other people tampering with my food is a primary fear that I have - this kind of stuff happens more often than most people think.

I worked in the Restaurant business as a Waiter and I have also worked in the kitchen at various positions.

Believe me - No one here wants to know the kind of really bad stuff that happens with these restaurants.

I never eat out at restaurants and am always checking my food for signs of tampering - Yes I do have OCD as well.

The paranoid thoughts and feelings I first developed (from smoking too much marijuana), without any diagnoses or medications, I see now as being the very rational seeds (rational paranoia) of what were to develop into the paranoid thoughts I would experience of a vicious cycle, So paranoid thoughts have their bases in legitimate concerns but we tend to become fixated and allow them to become magnified. Medications help to remove that large boulder from the mainstream of normal thinking. Gabapentin is a good medication that relieves much if not too much of that unrealistic paranoia, but the use of it for these concerns are prescribed for off “label uses” but is gaining ground in the psychiatric field of medications. I was prescribed it for the nerve pain in my back years ago. And no I’m not trying to sell anyone this medication but it does do a good job on deceasing those irrational paranoid thoughts and feelings.

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I always think people are tampering with my food, but I never thought of that as paranoia. Hmmm. I always thought “People are just douche-bags and they WOULD tamper with my food, because they all hate me and the world is out to get me.” You really just put this illness more into perspective for me. I thank you for that kind sir. Because I just came to the realization of what it really means to think “The world is out to get you”.

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Yes I am constantly having these kind of thoughts, that the world is out to get me.

I suffer from SZA and OCD and I am constantly paranoid - the meds help my paranoia a bit, but not enough.

I thought I might add after a few posts on here.
The paranoia isn’t full blown or overwhelming its more of a fleeting thought of hey, maybe someone could be F#ck’n with my food.
You never truly know at the end of the day in all honesty, I live in a small area though and most people know me and I’m a regular customer there. But the thing is you truly never know. And it’s more a fleeting thought of rational paranoia meaning it’s not a forced paranoid thought or delusion that I believe to be true. More just a fleeting thought in the moment that it might be a possibility for a few seconds before going to eat. It’s enough to want to turn you off it. And I agree with Wave, I have a an old school friend who became a Chef, he worked for some really dodgy places before getting his dream job and said a lot of BS goes down in the industry that a lot of people would be shocked to know.

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