Rather cold here and my plants & flowers

It is rather cold here in Finland. Car windows were frozen in this morning and people are waiting for the summer. We had very little snow in the past winter, but now it is a cool period. However, my plants and flowers are doing well inside.


It’s been warm enough here for my nastursium seeds to come up.


A good thing…STill years late I remember my neighbour giving me pees to eat out of the pod…bloody brilliant!

I only ever tried to grow marijuana and I got some seedlings going but never got any plant out of em…maybye my mental state!

Still! These days I volunteer at a cricket club. I mow lawns endlessly! I take care of invasive weeds endlessly! but saying all that it’s still nice to sit back and watch the grass grow!!!

A friend in the struggle,


My plants are one palm tree and one another plant, I do not remember the name. Yesterday I got this blue flower because all my other flowers died. I like flowers, a female side of me. There is a book ‘Asphalt Bluma’ in Swedish, ‘asfaltti kukka’ or ‘Asphalt Flower’. It is about a man how went to Sweden and then returned back to Finland experiencing loneliness and so on. I wrote an essay about this book at the high school in the early 1980s.Today that person is a quite famous writer in Sweden. Maybe I should write a similar book ‘Asphalt Flower Nr. 2’, about a person who went to the world and lived in America only to return back to Finland experiencing all kinds of things. Might be a fun book for some people to read. :smile:

@mjseu Is that a photo of a Marijuana plant? Only Kidding - :wink:

No, it is no marijuana plant, but a palm tree. There is a flower and plant store very close to me and I sometimes buy some plants there. These are multiyear plants so I have enjoyment for many years.

I was only kidding with you - Its a nice looking palm tree, I have a couple pf palm tree plants in my place, at least I think they are palm trees

Three years has passed and my plants are still doing great, I still have same plants, so the time passes, where am I? There where I have always been.