Rather annoyed


I was working a contract through an agency. Basically they said the contract was for two weeks, which went on for a year and a half. But then they had to cut back on staff because they were moving and there was no room and let me go.

So a year later, they have asked me to come back. The first time they asked i could not go back because I was already in another contract. So I had to refuse. It would have been a long contract and I do regret it.

Anyway, they asked me to come back again if i was available and i said yes. But it’s only for 2 weeks. I’m covering for someone who is away.

When I got there i found out the other people they kept on have permanent contracts now. I am so jealous even though they’ve all worked hard for it much deserved.

Anyway i really do hope they extend my contract but how likely is this?


They extended it before, so if you do good work they may extend it again. You won’t really know till the 2 weeks is up, or someone tells you they want another 2 weeks.


Good luck with this. I don’t understand but hoping it works out for the best.


best wishes on this situation…go for it and hopefully the position will become permanent do the best you can and good luck…hang tough


just go with the flow and see what happens .
enjoy working there, and you never know…
take care


They gave me until July and increased my hours from part-time to full-time… I’m so happy! :smiley:


Congratulations. I’m happy for you. :slight_smile: