Rate your pain?

Lol. I will answer everytime.
Tradicional chinese medicine. Its hard work, never studied so hard in my life. Now I know what the human skeleton is like. I study taoism and meditate three times a week. Im a lucky cookie

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I don’t have any emotional pain, but a lot of physical pain. I have arthritis, herniated disks in my back, and now I have a cyst that I think is turning into an abscess. Before the sz I had severe treatment resistant depression. It turned out to be hormonal and was cured with a Diabetes med. Go figure! So I can relate to the emotional pain. I hope you feel better!! :sunny:

my emotional pain is like 6 now… the anxiety and my paranoia today when i was around some kids and their parents was like 9, real hell… for the moment, my meds dont work quite well, i am a little bit fed up to see pdocs all the time :confused: (sorry for that)

i thought 1 was good and 10 was bad plumber :confused: is it backwards in chinese? lol

i chose 3 btw which feels like the right number just now

Oh ■■■■ I hope not otherwise my psychologist must think I’m doing great!!

I accidentally put it as if it were ‘rate your mood’ instead of rate your pain. :no_good:

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