Rate your care for physical health 1-10

I give myself a 5. I’m too preoccupied with mental health to care all that much about physical health. That said I’m in decent shape and eat well but I avoid blood tests from my primary doctor cuz I’m scared the nurse is gonna stab me with the needle. Mental health is my first priority. My mom bothers me about not getting my blood work done. Doesn’t understand my situation.

I’m doing my blood work twice a year. I use meds for my cholesterol and blood sugar but they both tested normal during my previous test about two weeks ago. I’m overweight and don’t get much exercise. I’m currently seeing a dietician in hope to increase my good cholesterol and loose some weight. I give myself a 4

I’d give you a 7. I’d rate myself a 7 at the moment too.


I’m a 9. I’m in really good health. I’m losing the kg that I need, it’s going well :smile:


i cant take proper care about myself. so i give 4.

I was seeing my current family doctor every 3 months and getting a blood test every 2 to 3 months, this is too often.

I have a hard time giving blood, my anxiety gets in the way, they have a hard time with me as I have deep veins.

I have decided to see my doctor one or twice a year, this is plenty.
I take care of my health - I try to walk every day and I am eating lighter and healthier - my Diabetes is under control.

I am losing weight and continue to lose.


Currently I don’t take Meds.

I eat very little and that too once a very light breakfast and a lunch with mostly Chicken rice. That makes it 2 times a day and a little snack in the night like Chocolate or cookie. I kept this diet low and it keeps me healthy. So that takes care of my physical weight .

I dont do any exercise or gym.

I smoke approx 20 CIggerattes a day.

So my physical care rating would be about 3.

I’d give myself an 8. I eat somewhat well but not as well as I want. I also gym for 3 1/2 hours now.

Probably a 4-5. I have a lot of health problems, but am pretty good about keeping up with them and staying as healthy as possible otherwise.

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Physical - 8
Mental - 5

I want my mental health to be improved. I just want to feel modestly happy & comfortable in my own skull…

  1. still need of improvement especially cholesterol. I need self denial of some foods that i am tempted by because it’s in the house that my parents buy. Short on will power. That is my biggest hurdle right now. I’d like it if my parents don’t buy it but they like it. Who am I to denied them of what they want. They have only those simple pleasures in their life so. I don’t want to argue with them. They are getting on in years. That i guess it my problem. Their in their 80’s. In my support group compared to them I’m a 8. No back problems , no that much weight to lose, I don’t have a cane or walker. Had no operations. (KNOCK ON WOOD) My main goal is to be off cholesterol meds. I guess I need to post that somewhere in the house to constantly remind myself of that goal. And take it one day at a time. (Post in kitchen)

Physical 6. I have RA that makes my joints ache. Also I’m too heavy. My liver status is too high. Prop because of obesity.

Mental health. 6 atm. Hard to read. Think. Get paranoid thoughts.

I rate myself a 6. I get frequent migraines, about 2 to 3 a week, that I treat with Botox injections, hypnosis, and prescription and OTC medications. I also have pretty severe arthritis, all over my body, and I treat it with anti inflammatory drugs and a yoga practice, that I do at home. All of this keeps me pretty pain free, for the most part.

Mental - 9
Physical - 4

I understand that no matter how strong my will power, there is always a physical limit as to what I can do and what I can’t.
For instance, no one can refrain from eating and drinking because of food appetite.

Mental: 9. Only occasional paranoia, treated with Rispersal Consta, Geodon, Seroquel, Tegretol and Celexa;
Mental: 6. Memory impairment, treated with proper nutrition, music lessons, and daily exercise.
Physical: 5. Severe osteoarthritis, treated with prescription meds, yoga and burpee’s.
Frequent migraines , treated with prescription meds, cold packs, and rest.

Would frequent migraines be considered physical or mental health?

Actually, both.

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I get frequent migraines that last for about a second or two. I’m not sure what triggers it.

Probably a 8 or 9. I go to the gym almost every day and run like a mad man.

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  1. I eat well, exercise, and bathe a lot but I haven’t been to a dentist in 14 years