Rat..traps.. triggers prolly.. actual rat traps

The glue trap i got said it was more humane… what they ment was… more like throwing away a plastuc bag… i caught one… then read the disposal instructions… place in bag…throw away…wash your hands…

i felt horrified at leaving the fully incapacitated but alive rat in a bag to starve to death…

How is this more humane?..

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There are have a heart traps which catch the critters alive and then you can release them. glue traps are awful. Are you ok?

Yea im fine. It was a rat. I wont use glue traps anymore though. I had to kill the rat… but i couldnt bring myself to let it be stuck and starve to death…

Will try to find or make some live traps… it was a big rat… not a little field mouse… everyone calls rats…


Well hopefully you can find some traps that will work for you and you can free yourself from your rat problem. Good luck!

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If you want to catch a rat alive and release it this trap did the job for me


Edit: I’d recommend some thick gloves too, a scared stressed rat might go for your fingers when releasing it.