Rare flowers in the yard....? you have any?


That’s beautiful, Doc! It looks tropical!

I don’t have any rare flowers, personally. Just found out I have hemlock, though :speak_no_evil:

don’t make tea from, its deadly! some idiot in my state did that after reading about another plant named hemlock that makes you high when drunk as tea, thing I American and European Hemlock is a tree, and the hemlock he heard about is a tuberous root in Africa…

I have lady slippers in the woods behind my house according to the neighbors. They are so endangered it is illegal to pick them…



Tulips? Mine are just beginning to bud/bloom. We got hit with a snow-storm two days ago after some warm weather. Now, it’s warm again and the snow is gone. So confusing for our little flowers!


This one is some sort of Lilly, I think. It hasn’t opened yet, but looks tropical and totally out of place.