Rappers who are really bad but get too much credit

I was just listening to this ASAP Rocky song and he goes

“Riding through your city like that motherfucka mine
Or toking on that semi, rob a motherfucka blind
License plate says wipe me down, car from 1989
But a ■■■■■ sits so pretty call that ■■■■■■■■■■■■ fine
Lost your ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ mind, what’s on your mind niggas talking down
Never talk to cops, make him talk God when I tote that 9, he ain’t talking now
Tell 'em watch your spine, I mean watch your back
Better guide your track, better not look back
Now stay in line, don’t step on cracks
So you break her back I’m talking 'bout your mom”

Wow these lyrics are so bad. Like c’mon, put some thought into it??? My lyrics actually take some effort. it’s tough being a white rapper. These brothas can just say whatever they want and get away with it and “WOW THEY’RE THE GREATEST RAPPER EVER”…Literally saying a nursery rhyme “don’t step on cracks, so you break her back, im talkin bout your mom”…that was pretty much a nursery rhyme word for word…meanwhile i say things like

got so much persuasion
no limitations
never hesitating
to give you this lyrical demonstration
and its top notch
hippity hop scotch
dont steal ya watch
for a twenty
i steal ur watch
for the henny
and ya we got plenty
so many
a penguin waddles
a man he likes to walk
me, i like to talk
so i rap
dag nabbit
u silly rabbit
i pull the rabbit out of the hat like magic
dont like to fist fight
but i give ur girl a kiss right
so its bound to happen
crowned king of rapping”

thats why ill never give up…i actually come up with original stuff while ASAP Rocky is singing nursery rhymes lmfao!


I think you’re a wicked effin Rapper. Seriously. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if a Label picks you up one day. :sunny:

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Yeah there’s a lot worse for example rapper Chief Keef’s song called “Love Sosa”.

“These bitches love Sosa
And they love them Glo’ Boys
Know we from the 'Go boy
But we cannot go boy
No I don’t know O Boy
But I know he a broke boy
Rari’s and Rover’s
Convertible Lambos boy
You know I got bands boy
And it’s in my pants boy
Disrespect them O Boys
You won’t speak again boy
Don’t think that I’m playing boy
No we don’t use hands boy
No we don’t do friends boy
Collect bands I’m a land lord
I gets lotsa commas
I can ■■■■ yo mama
I ain’t with the drama
You can meet my llama
Riding with 3hunna
With 300 foreigns
These bitches see Chief Sosa
I swear to god they honored”

Good thing boy rhymes with boy or this rapping ■■■■ would be hard. God I have no idea why people like his music.

I wanna meet his llama though for real.

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Thanks that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. <3

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I talked to lil wayne for like a half hour a couple years back…i dont like rap and let him know it…lol

I’ve never got Rap. Do they rap off the cuff or is it carefully constructed ? If it’s the former then even if I don’t like it I have to admit there’s a certain skill to it.

It can be both. Rappers rapping lyrics on the spot is called freestyling. It seems that most of the time they are written down and performed separately though.

I just don’t get why rappers who start beef…diss rappers who SUCK. Like pick on somebody your own size. Rather than someone who’s not even in the game.

If someone is good, they’re scared to diss them. If someone is bad, they have no problem dissing them. i wrote a verse about this and I will continue to write verses about this

■■■■ record submissions dot com
I blow up your wannabee spot with a bomb
■■■■ all these rappers talkin about fake emcees
Cuz in reality they scared to mention me
They just mentioninin
Cowards, like a few frenchmen
■■■■, I’m so buzzed
Not ascared of the fuzz
But I’ll blow up your spot whether you piro or cuz
These dudes are fake today
These dudes, are DRAKE today
While I just lay
in the spot
Damn im so shot
From that liquor
I like to bicker
I’m much sicker
In the membrane
Been insane
Now I’m takin it to you lames
Pick on somebody your own size
While I switch up somebody depicting your own demise
■■■■ you, you’re just not enough rude
For me
Just a G
Addicted to the marijuana tree
and the LSD

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I agree with that. Some are just ridiculous, like Eminem’s beef with Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC. What???

Takeover vs Ether was fantastic, though - two amazing diss raps.

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Nas and jay-z are legendary…definitely don’t belong in this thread.

Although it’s a shame to see two great rappers dissing each other like that. Nas came out on top In my opinion. But I guess it was entertaining. I was only conscious for the aftermath of it all though. I was too young to witness that ish live.

Nas won though. but I favor nas naturally.

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Yeah, lyrically Nas had it. Takeover probably was better musically, but that’s not the point of a diss track :smile_cat: I’m with you, gotta pick on someone your own size (or bigger).

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I feel like Jay-z was drunk when he made takeover…Nas was focused.

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Aww and I want to be artist.
All you need is material. You can be from Canada

You’ll never be a successful artist/ trash rapper. You have no material. Good luck

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Wouldn’t that be all of them?

(And before anyone calls me racist, I dislike the white ones, too.)

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Wow ok.
Kinda crossed the line

here’s some stuff i just wrote…

I’m the lyrical forum master,
not one of you rappers can say this ■■■■ faster
i sweat ill rhymes, yeah
i bleed mad hooks
they could fill libraries with all of my rhyme books

my doc gave me a diagnosis,
he called my disease Spittinillrhymesthemostest,
and now i have to go take my meds,
then tuck these amateur rappers into their little twin beds

chief keef is singing about the life he’s living and how he want to live. im a big chief keef fan. but ewrybody else hates it. i just like the confidence. man got balls to be him self. glo up!

i don’t like Cassidy,lil kim,lil romeo etc etc…
2 pac and bigg small are legend…after them all those niggas as fake ass ■■■■■…