Raping my mind

I feel voices interrogating me another voices reply for me
Daily and everymoment
I cant stop that
Anyone could help me
I begin to fear voices
I begin to fear to think
I fear to say anything in my mind
They always comment on everything i say
And interrogating me
Amazingly this happened for 8 years now
I cant think i cant say anything in my mind


You literally are describing exactly how I feel sometimes. The voices always have some comment. Push through them if you can. And if you need someone to talk to I’m here for you.

I fear voices too sometimes…

Holy ■■■■. This is what I am experiencing on occasion. It never used to happen. I thought it was demonic stuff. Guess If you have it and didn’t do anything wrong this stuff is just genetic. It’s terrible!

It’s hard to pay attention to stuff when it happens, huh?

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