Rapid weight gain wont stop

Ever since I got my hormonal IUD in I started putting on pounds like crazy, I mean like gaining 10 lbs a month. I got it taken out and I am STILL gaining weight like crazy!! To my knowledge I am not eating any more than I did before the IUD. Even when i barely eat anything at all and practically starve myself it only SLOWS the weight gain! Doesnt even stop it!

I don’t know what to do! I’m extremely stressed about this! I am now 35 lbs overweight! I was only 5 lbs overweight when I started!

Try this ;

Some people on here use it and claimed it helps with their appetites.

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What meds r u on maybe they r causing weight gain

Zyprexa is causing me to gain some weight.

I gained so much weight on Clozapine. I actually dubbled my wieght. I’ve been off it for about 2 months and have already lost 15kg. My fitness has become important to me, not only because of the weight loss but also because it clears my mind.

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I doubt it’s my meds I have been on all of them for a year no weight gain then got my IUD and it started right after that.

Maybe my hormones are just not back to normal yet. I actually read a little bit ago that it can take several cycles to go back to normal. Unfortunately that could mean I’m going to keep gaining weight for some time…wish I’d never gotten that stupid iud…

Oh sorry just found out what you were talking about :crazy_face::crazy_face: thought it was some kind of med…
I have one, but it is the one with cobber… I haven’t had any weight gain but my period is longer and more painful…

I just got the copper one put in, I had some bad cramps the first couple days but haven’t had any since. I’ve been bleeding for like 3 weeks straight tho :dizzy_face: not a lot but still

I had a total hysterectomy on June 4 and am so happy that I never have to deal with my female parts again! I used to literally get psychotic PMS and end up hospitalized 3 days before my cycle. Never have to worry about that again.

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Mine is minimal too but for over a week. Before I only had it for 3-4 days…

Are iuds suppose to cause that kind of weight gain? I never experienced this from an iud. Did you quit smoking? That caused me to gain weight. I would keep track of how many calories you are eating in a day.

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