Rapid Cycling and waiting for my meds to arrive in the mail

I am getting worse - I am Rapid Cycling and having Mixed Episodes, they are not getting better.

Today I got into an Argument with my Father and started to lose my temper - I was really angry.

My moods go from up to down to mixed.

One hour Im on top pf the world, the next hour I am having dark, suicidal thoughts.

I am patiently waiting for the Depakote to arrive in the mail, hopefully it will be shipped over here in a couple of days.

Thinking of getting my meds from a local pharmacy, the problem with this is that it costs more money - its cheaper by mail.

Tired of living this way - Hopefully the Depakote will work - it has in the past.

Will you be ok while waiting for it to arrive? If not can you get a small amount from the physical pharmacy?

I’m sure you’ll be able to explain things to your father.

I think that I will be OK until it arrives - I have some expired Depakote, but dont want to take it, its like 2 to 3 years old.

I apologized to my father, He understands.

Tomorrow’s Friday, so if you’re going to get a prescription for a few days worth you should consider doing that tomorrow.

Hope the mail arrives soon.


Hope this nightmare is over soon @Wave

Rooting for you.

Big hug!

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Damn it!

Did some more research on Depakote and liver damage, and I am seriously considering not taking Depakote.

My liver was damaged slightly last time I was on Depakote, at higher doses, but I found out that even at smaller doses there is a good chance of liver damage.

My pdoc was at first against prescribing Depakote because of the liver issue, I basically begged her to prescribe it to me but now I’m changing my mind.

I’m doing a bit better today, but if my cycling gets worse, I’ll call her to give me something safer.

Maybe take it until you figure out plan B?

I might but if my cycling improves over the next few days then I won’t take it.

My liver is important to me, I should have listened to her the first time.

She did warn me.

@Wave I’m so sorry can you go to ER? I’ve been told the same and completely understand your pain. Hang in there!!

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No, I think ill be ok @anon80629714 - My highs are not getting worse so far, mainly cycling down a bit more, but today had a pretty good day,

I see my pdoc soon, within weeks.

I will take the Depakote if I have to, but really trying to keep my liver healthy.

Man I’m changing my mind - I need to take something, I think that I’ll take the Depakote.

I’m not getting any better and Depakote was very effective for me in the past.

I will keep up with the blood tests that’s all.

I’m on such a low dose that my liver might be fine.

Did it arrive yet?

Yes, yesterday, I might start it tomorrow Monday.

I’ll keep everyone posted once I start.

Ah good! Hope it goes well.

Thanks @everhopeful. I appreciate it

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