Raped and muzzled TW

Has Anyone else On this site gotten raped in elementary school?

I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m a survivor too, but for me it was when I was 14.

Not at the school, but when I was elementary school aged. From about grade one through four or so.

Did u tell anyone? Who wAs the rapist?

I was chronically raped from 10 - 16 years old by my psychiatrist…

It’s a terrible thing to go through. It’s on my mind a lot lately.

Yes. I was raped at ten years old by a neighbor in a fish house. The memory came back to me about two years ago. Been in therapy ever since.

I was 18 and a lot of booze was being passed around. Guy got a hold of me and raped me. Haven’t touched alcohol since.

No, because I thought he’d kill both me and my mom if I did (and he might have, he was violent). It was my mom’s boyfriend. She kept bringing home trash.

I was 5 when I was molested by my moms bf’s sons

I was 4yrs old my mom did, because she wanted a daughter.

I was 12 but I don’t know if you would call it rape.

We were having a slumber party and my best friends stepsister was there. She was 13. We were all 12 and she said her friend told her giving blow jobs was fun. All of my friends did it but I wouldn’t do it so they all held me down and she did it to me too. I don’t think I was traumatized by it or anything but I guess it was technically sexual assault.

I am still friends with all those guys. I didn’t get interested in the opposite sex until I was about 16 I was a late bloomer.

Sorry that happened to you.

… That’s Crazy… did u ever think in your head “CIA?” Bc that sounds humiliating

No I never thought CIA.

These were all my really good friends. We all grew up together. One of them is still my best friend until this very day. I have seen his stepsister on Facebook but I certainly didn’t send her a friend request.

She is married and has kids now.

I think they all just wanted me to do what they had already done. Some of them went further than that that night but they didn’t make me do that.

I just checked her profile out of curiosity and she is a nurse practitioner now.

i used to get in bed with my parents something could have happened that made me grow up so weird. my dad was over sexed.

How old were you?

So she turned u into her and took u for herself

about 2 or 3 or 4.

not that way, but i grew up knowing what anal sex with toys can damage.