Ranting like Crazy

I’ve been shooting off rants at everyone and anyone that will listen. It’s destructive because it hurts the conversation and makes me lose my focus. I’m not the type of person to flat out, point things out 1 after the next. I’m not reserved either, I’m a fairly talkative person. I’m a male in America if it matters. It’s like 1 long therapy session that just keeps getting worse. Any tips are appreciated. By the way, my rants are interesting (to me), and fairly well organized, just not really appropriate.

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you know what, I’ve been doing the same thing. My friends are not complaining but I’ve been talking excessively. Once I realized that, I’ve been shifting my focus on listening. I’m trying really to listen thoroughly to my friends’ concerns and asking questions instead of just saying the same thing over and over again. Try asking more questions during your conservations, it’s gonna help to get the conversation going.


I get you man. Be careful though.

I would talk to my younger brother throughout my psychotic experiences. A few months ago he was ranting at how much it had effected him and freaked him out over time. He was trying to be supportive until I got well enough that I seemed normal.

Normal minds don’t need psychotic thoughts put into them. They should be allowed to live their natural lives.

If you want to rant about your experiences this is the place to do it.

Normies really aren’t going to be able to help you. You’ve got to understand it for yourself and then work to erode the illness.


Yeah, I’ve got to be careful, or safe as they say…but at the same time I can’t quit talking when I’m a talkative person. I “keep it real,” as it were, so that I don’t hijack too many conversations. But, my timing, emphasis, demeanor, humor are getting worse instead of better, and it’s taxing. For the record, my ranting was mostly to my parents (who understand), and my case workers (who understand), and google (who could care less).

Well those are probably the proper people to be talking too.

I got tipsy the other day and was talking about all kinds of stuff I regret in retrospect. I hadn’t been out of the house for a while like that so I was trying to make the best of it.

I’m going to avoid doing that in the future. Just work on chilling and looking happy. I think that’s all it takes to find social peace.

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I talked to the imaginary people and myself until about 4am last night. I woke up at 1pm.

Maybe take some melatonin and go to bed if you are losing your ■■■■.

Use melatonin sparingly or else you’ll become dependent. Not saying you’ll have withdrawals. You just won’t be able to sleep without it.

I hate when I get in that state of chatting with hallucinations.

I’m practically ordered to take 9mg of it

It’s probably better than alternatives. I ran into trouble with it though.

Naps and bedtime are a wonderful solution…no technology, soft blankets, dark, and quiet. I’ve done this before when I’m ranting, and “going to bed” was better than talking to myself (sometimes I rant to myself, which bothers me).

How long have you been sick? I went through those phases for a while. ItT was better to hear my voice than the voices in my head. Typically the content wasn’t as controversial or degrading either.

I’ve got a real mild case…I guess I’ve had it for about 20 years. And like you say. It really bugs me when I turn vulgar out of the blue. Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t exaggerate or use vulgarities very often. Mild conversation is what I’m looking for. Just don’t want to spend my time managing curse words or voices or English or technology or whatever.