Rant warning...losing my focus

Trying to apply for disability…I wrote down the wrong log back on number…that I was sure was right…and I can’t log back due to the number and social are incorrect…so I’m not sure if it took all…I can’t tell if I applied or just wasted an hour…the website closed and the wait time on the phone is a ■■■■■■■ hour and a half…■■■■…I’d rather have teeth pulled than to have to do this over again…

I feel upset I can’t do simple things like write down numbers or grocery shopping It takes forever for me to find things…and when I ask for help their in obvious places…its disappointing …is this from the sz or the meds?

Just breath and focus…be the Buddha…


Hey @flameoftherhine does the system have a “forgot my login/password” option? Some systems do, where it will email a temporary password for you to login and then it prompts you to immediately change your password before logging you onto the system.

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No its kinda crap…the system is only on from like 5am to 1pm…it just send you to a the info did not match up screen offering nothing…lol…its kind of cruel…

Dealing with these systems is awful. I swear they make it as complicated as possible so the people who actually need it can’t finish their applications.

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I have no idea if I finished it and have no way of accessing it lol I’ll make myself sit on the phone Tomm morning and wait the 14 hours and just file that way…Im writing the addresses and phone numbers down maybe it won’t be too painful lol

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