Rant about my mental illness

I feel like I’m dying, my mental health is deteriorating at a rapid pace, on Friday I went into this catatonic state and it took all the energy from me. Worried parents and siblings, I wish I was normal, but wishing is for the hopeful I’m a realistic person I understand my limitations and don’t want to push it more than I can take it, because obviously I’m slowly losing my sanity. Delusions of being in an alternate universe plague my mind, I’m aware of its delusional nature because I don’t want to accept it as a fact… Hopefully (ironic I know) it gets better. I been panicking a lot lately, taking my PRN’s like tic tacs. Sometimes I just want it to end and have a peace of mind. This cowardly behavior of mine is taking a toll, so today I will face these fears as they come. Anyway hope you guys are having a good day.

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Geez that’s certainly something to tell your doctor.

That’s probably not good long term.

All in all I’d try to get an appointment with your psychiatrist and tell them all this.


Stay upbeat and set small goals. Fight delusions. If they haven’t convinced you yet they probably won’t.
Dunno about catatonia. Never experienced it. Must be hard. Don’t stress too much. Listen to relaxing music and take warm showers. Do light exercises when you can.
It’s the small wins that help us keep going day by day.

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Yes of course. Your medical team must know all of this too.

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@everhopeful Yeah thankfully it passed. Thank you Everhopeful, you always are a good helping hand.

@Andrey Thank you I will, today my goal is too stick to my habits no matter how bad I do them. I will let him know when I see him.

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