Rant about Gluten Free Flour Blend I just tried

One of the many things I gotta get out of my head and it feels silly or like a waste of time – but! You might reconsider buying some brands of food and find a better brand or just go with what you like. There is a bit more I want to rant about with some alternative foods and thinking sometimes we overdo it.

Yes its true that sugars and such are not ‘healthy’ for you. But what ever happened to everything in moderation? Some things are okay to have and a treat for yourself is not a bad thing at all. I had a tendency to go overboard with baking sweet stuff for a time, but it was mostly for fun and I gained a lot of weight.

But so what? I learned some things I wanted to learn about baking so far and I can take something away from it. Also, weight easily comes off after I stopped doing that and just fast the rest of the day on water or something.

Right. But the thing that got me writing this was a brand of flour I bought that was a gluten free flour mix that said, 1:1 substitute for regular flour. I dont know that thats exactly true. What I do know is that the flours they used were rice flour and brown rice flour which taste very sandy and grainy.

Is it healthier than regular flour? Probably. But that healthy word gets thrown around too much I think. Its a term used too loosely. You cant tell how well someone is by their weight – whether think or thin or really thin. A person could theoretically be healthier because they eat more nutritious food but look really thin or really thick.

Most ailments and problems are temporary anyway. And I was looking forward to treating myself this morning with some (clears throat) 'healthier" chocolate chip and peanut butter pancakes that were gluten free. Well I think I should just stick to the way its always been done in the past which is to just enjoy certain foods in moderation. After all the point should be to enjoy your food and feel satisfied. Not to make an enemy of it.

And my mouth health I dont want to blame entirely on sugars but actually just really poor oral routine for YEARS which was the real culprit. My mouth is slowly improving in health and the pain from infection is mostly gone now anyway. All I had to do was make a committment to brush and really make sure to clean them well - especially before bed.

Anyway, rant out. I wanna chill and say just make sure you enjoy your food. Maybe I’ll try out a different mix of flours for a keto blend and see how it goes. For the most part I want my pancakes to taste just like I remember when I had them when I was younger.

I felt better when I ate my gluten-laden waffle with syrup and my pumpkin pie with brown sugar without any guilt. So long as I dont eat from boredom or emotional problems that Im covering up. Then, there usually isnt a tendency to overeat or overindulge. And I think back to when I was younger and actually purposely making a mess of the cake and putting our faces in it with a friend. Fun times makes it much more enjoyabe and no stress.

Speaking of which, Im going to go play some online games. :slight_smile:

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My mom uses almond flour. It makes for interesting pizza.
She’s on a low-carb high-fat diet

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I’m not a fan of any gluten free foods in general except those cashew and date Nakd bars

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Most premade gluten free foods are actually less healthy than traditional foods, because they’re overly processed and have extra sugar and additives to make up for the bland taste and unusual texture. They’re only healthier to someone with celiac’s disease.

Whole wheat unbleached flour is a good 1:1 alternative if you want something healthier without sacrificing flavor. Just be prepared for your food to come out a bit darker than you’re used to.


And denser. I used tp have a good recipe for gluten free flour. I’ll see if I can find it agai

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Here’s one

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Thanks. I think a problem I’m having is just that I don’t want to have to think about this stuff. So I would rather buy a pre-made blend and cross my fingers hoping it will be good.

It should be interesting working with new ingredients and figuring out how best to modify a recipe. Its just a lot of new stuff to learn and dig into.

Oh right, the blend I bought was:

I should have known when I saw rice flour and brown rice flour as the ingredients that I wouldn’t like it. But the price seemed good.

I put the bag outside for someone else to take lol.

I’ve used rice flour to try some other recipe before and did not like it at all. That grainy/sandy taste/texture just stood out too much.


Edit: Well, now I’m reading the article and their recipe also uses rice flour but says superfine rice flour. Not sure if the King Arthur blend uses that but I would imagine they did.

Either way, gonna have to try home made blends since they’re saying measure for measure is a myth.

Ai dios mio. Go figure.

I like Franz gluten free bread, but generally never buy it because it’s just not worth it.

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Can’t say I have too much of a problem with gluten so much to really care.

Apparently there is a particular product that can help digest gluten, but never read the article through to see what it was called.

And yeow, that price on that bread.

I like to get sprouted breads/muffins from Ezekiel in the frozen section sometimes. Seems to really help digestion and apparently sprouted wheats/nuts are easier to digest/more bioavailable.

Just a problem with the price on that stuff right now.

These muffins are the bomb, yo.

I about lost my cool though when my older brother snagged one to make himself an egg sandwich.

That was like crossing the line right there.

He likes the stuff I buy but doesnt use his food stamps to get it himself. =_=

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