Random vent

I wish my dad knew how to express his emotions…

You can never tell if he’s in pain, sad, depressed, worried, going through a mid life crisis or what, he just comes off as a grump/jerk.

Or he will complain about not being able to retire yet… and sounds like he’s hinting he wants to retire and that he wishes somebody else would pay for stuff around the house.

So I offered him for my husband to pay for stuff… and his response was “no, I’m just gonna keep working” so who knows what he really wants🤷‍♀️ Maybe he’s just venting? And not hinting he wants somebody to pay for stuff? Idk…


Sounds like he’s just venting…

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Sounds like he is venting, to me too. :turkey::turkey::turkey:

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True @everhopeful @GrayBear


Like my sister just texted me saying to invite my dad when we go to the beach cause he seemed sad last time we were all together…

But all it seemed like to me and my mom was that he was being grumpy.

Maybe it’s just my mom and me that are bad at picking up on things…:thinking:

Maybe it’s an old grumpy dad thing. My dad is always grumpy. He can be laughing and grumpy at the same time. We think it’s endearing though. We act scared, but secretly we know he loves us all.

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