Random thread

making another soundcloud account wasn’t as easy or fun as I thought it would be…

at least I didn’t waste a thread on that idea. :laughing:

but now I have a thread with no purpose.

A W K W A R D :confused:

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Poor thread. It isn’t fun having no purpose

change a plans. this thread will be about “freshmen friday.”

freshmen friday. apparently that was suppose to be fun.

well I didn’t get bullied on a friday, but I got almost beaten up near my own apartment by high schoolers.

I also got punched in the head by a group of kids who were following me to the train station, saying they were hungry for a “knuckle sandwich.” couldn’t touch my ear for a few days.

the icing on the cake is that I bet some people get turned on by seeing men get beat up by other men. bur I’d like to see how those witnesses would fair in such situations. ;/

Rant End. I’m going to bed. my internet’s acting up.