Random thoughts


I am having some random thoughts and need to be transformed into writing, and I need some readers for feedback or just remain readers (it’s fine).

Regardless of culture and background, every sorts of people comes in different height, weight, skin color, hair color, eye color, age, gender and it can further expand to each of these people for having different preferences over a variety of subjects, taste, likes and dislikes, appetite. Every of them has differences in intellect quotient, emotion quotient as well.

Despite the differences, they can also be seen from behaviour in groups. Of course each one in the group differs from each other but they are more or less act towards the same goals and values.

Basically the universe is divided to heavenly family and earthly family. Earthly family is further divided to human beings and flora and fauna. The world is basically divided to west, middle and east. It can further divided into regions or continents.

We have skill, namely hard skill (something that can be learned) and soft skill (something that can be cultivated). We have spiritual needs. We need to take care of our mental and physical health.
We could travel through limited space, but couldn’t travel through time (we do this through our memory).

And having said that, relationship is important. Relationship between heavenly family and mankind. Relationship between mankind and animals. And relationship among mankind.

Thanks for reading. I felt better. I hope it isn’t too long and not too many grammar error.


Differences is the reason I am against adoption when at all possible. My family is small. I am 5 feet tall. We ate less. I had an adopted brother whose metabolism was entirely different from ours. He needed more calories and I think he suffered hunger when he was little. When he grew up he sprouted to 5’ 10" and seemed to be always eating. It was a case of not knowing any better.