Random rant - Anyone else bothered by this?

I have a gripe I want to vent about. Let’s just use this forum as a microcosm of what I’m talking about. People will come on here, see something they don’t understand fully, and will post “What is X?” or something similar. Like, dammit, there is this thing called Google (or DuckDuckGo, which I prefer). Go use Google you lazy bastardss. I can’t stand the intellectual laziness. There has never before been such a readily accessible amount of information that you can get your hands on in seconds. So please, before asking and relying on someone to figure it out for you, just use a damn search engine. It’s why they exist.

/Rant over.

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I think its bcz they just want to chat and are bored lol


I agree with @Aziz,

They do it for attention and replies.

Usually asking why they didn’t use google.

Sometimes Google doesnt give the answer or the right answer or ppl want to know other’s personal experiences.


I rarely get bothered by anything on the forum, if I don’t like something or have no interest, I just skip over it

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I forget to use google sometimes but I am getting better…

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