Random question- has anyone been to Utah?

We’re thinking about doing a road trip there in October… my husband is interested in moving there so we wanna check it out…

Is it still all mormons? Or is that an old stereotype?
Do they have all 4 seasons?

It was when I was there. I was also Mormon at the time so I could be biased. Beautiful geographically, but it’s a frustrating place for “normal” people to try and have fun. (Because Mormons.)



Good to know! Thanks.

Is it even hard in Salt Lake City to have fun?

Um, especially there.

Maybe save Hell for after you die?


i briefly passed through utah a couple times, but couldn’t give you a sense of what it’s like, its not just utah with mormons though, one time i was in idaho and wyoming and i went to get some food and nothing was open because it was a religious day being sunday. it’s not like that here where im from, people go to church and then they go out to a restaurant lots of times after church.



Maybe we will go check it out still, at least that’s a hell I can come back from…

(I hope)

I wanted to move there too, for no drinking or smoking,

be real good for me. What’s their sports team there again?

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Hmmm… interesting :thinking:

Was it pretty?
What time of year did you go?

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I’d have to look up the sports team😅


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it’s Brighum Young, isn’t it?

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i think it was fall, end of summer, it was still warm, it is really pretty i think, i remember driving through a college town i think it was jacobsen, utah and liking it. i also drove past a big old lake with barely any houses built around it. and i slept one night by the great salt lake, instead of getting a hotel. if you like mountains it’s great, not to mention the skiing in the winter.


I have no idea🙃

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Sweet… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the info.

I am going to PM you if you don’t mind🙂

Sounds awesome! Thanks for the info

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I learned everything I know about Utah from the movie SLC Punk

I don’t mind! :slight_smile: I just turned my PM back on. So, it’s open now. I’ll have to turn it back off, later, though, cause I was getting spammed in my PM’s. :open_mouth:

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Uh oh… LOL, that’s not good.

I just messaged you!

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Yes. It’s beautiful.

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It’s been a while. Glad to hear that local sphincters have loosened, it is not what I would view as a pleasant place based on the previous visit.


I visited Utah when I was 10 years old (1997). My dad was a Mormon. Saw the Tabernacle choir and stuff. Typical Mormon things. Long time ago.