Random payment from Social Security

I have been off of SSDI for about two years now. I used to get about $2500 a month but I went back to work. I make much more than SGA so I don’t get it anymore.

I still pay my Medicare.

But today I got a random payment from SSA for about $7500. I didn’t get anything in the mail so I have no idea what it’s for. I needed the money and am glad to have it and hope I don’t have to pay it back.

Any ideas what it could be for?


I wouldn’t spend it until I knew what it was for.

You may have to pay it back.

My mother in law had a similar situation with her disability payments.

Had to pay back every dime.


Maybe backpay? I once got a check for 2500 because they cut my monthly checks

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I don’t think it’s back pay. I worked after I got disabled for six years so I got awarded to the date I applied and had to wait 5 months before I started getting paid benefits.

I’ve been on SSDI for a couple of decades. About ten years ago I was checking my online bank account and saw a deposit for $11,000. My first instinct was that it was a mistake. It said it was from Social Security but I had no idea what it was for. I called Social Security and they said it was a back payment and that it was mine to spend any way I wanted to. They also said I didn’t have to “spend down”, I could keep it in my account as long as I wanted to. And I would still be receiving my monthly checks for a $1000.

Geeez, it was like winning the lottery.
If your money is from the SSA than give them a call and see what they say. Golden Rex is right; don’t spend any of it until you talk to the
SSA and get clear what it’s for.

The SSA told me that mine was back pay. According to their records they had not paid me enough money in benefits for a year. I had no idea until I talked to them.


I would call them and inquire before spending any of it


I went to my social security dot com and couldn’t find out anything. I will have to call them.

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My housemate got a back payment for £23.000. The DWP wasn’t paying him a disability premium for 9 years and he got all that back paid. He wasted it in under a year.

I got a letter today from SS. The last month I got paid was May 2019 in June. The letter said they have determined my disability ended in August 2019. They said I can appeal it.

So the payment is for June through August of 2019. I won’t get anymore payments.


A windfall!..

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blessings… good luck to you my friend Tom. How are ya anyway? Long time no talk. I’m still over here in Thailand haha

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