Random acts of kindness

This is a variation of a drinking game, Neck and Nominate. Since we all here are sober folks (well…we all tend to be at least) we can make a good deed of what used to be a death race.

So, show some random kindness.
I nominate @Patrick but I’m not sure why.
Sorry Patrick lol

I have never heard of either of these games. Are we supposed to show Patrick kindness, or is he supposed to show kindness to someone else?

I have no idea lol :joy:

I guess the second one :smile:

Hmm ,

Interesting … ,

Interesting INDEED …

I think I should sleep. :sheep:

Yep , Iv’e Been Up For Awhile ,

Electronically Wired and Bored …,

All Apologies - NIRVANA …

Im just kidding sarad

Yes Fo Reel ,

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“I wish I was like you, Easily amused”

Is one of my favorite lines in music.

One Of My Favorite SOnggG’s Rite There … ,

One Of My Favorite Songs To Sing-a-Long With is HOTEL CALIFORNIA (by) The Eagles … ,

///\\ " They stab it with their steely knives but they jus can’t kill tha Beast " ///\\

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I’ve been listening to hotel california for 5 1/2 years…never gets old.

One of my top favorite songs ever

Along with House of the Rising sun by the Animals.

e(Y)e Nvr Got Into Thaz One … ,

Hmm Lemme Think Fo a Min… ,


Check Out Tha SonggG FREEDOM (by) RICHIE … , There’s a Clip of Him playing At Woodstock , You Mite Dig it …


I’m not sure what to do here. Am I supposed to give somebody my watch at this point?


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