Ramble of voices/me

I’ve spent a lot of time in my head; probably most of you do too. I always try to escape these voices and delusional trance(unnamed reality) with no success. The thought process is once I get out of this altered mind state I will be well. But you can’t escape it. So I’ve tried to ignore and focus my might on doing things in life that will help build a better life, with minimal success. Always trying to ignore/fight/escape these voices makes me feel restless. So what I dwell on is how can I live a better life with what I have. You can try to escape it mentally/ maybe medicine will be your answer, but as paradoxical as it seems escaping from these (evil,out there, religious, craziness, voices) is actually never going to get you well. I’ve ponder the question of what is real and what is unreal in this world, and figured having a formula or road map to guide me so I don’t misdetermine, would be beneficial. But there is no formula/ solution to determining what is real and unreal. So the formula is, that there is no formula. And that is the formula.(answer). So rather than escape it I need to change my perception on how I see these thoughts/voices, and enter back into my mind.(home) We tend to put our imaginary barriers and limitations. (I’m not good enough,I’m ugly, I’m not strong enough, I’m not moral right enough, I’m not sane enough) when you are all these things if you allow yourself to be. Well enough rambling, hopefully this was a interesting read. :slight_smile:


But there is no formula/ solution to determining what is real and unreal.

In sorry you feel that way. I have a lot of unusual beliefs and feel that way sometimes about experiences I’ve had in the past.

Abilify puts it all into the background though, I just got lucky (in a way) with that med.

I categorize. There is this world that I use this body in to move around and do stuff, so to speak. My real self is my soul/spirit which will move on when this physical body dies. I believe in where I’m going and in whom I worship, etc. One reality doesn’t, for me, discount the other. The problem is that I often feel trapped in this body and like a prisoner on this planet. The desire to leave this body is very strong. But the rules say I’m not allowed to kill it to escape. So I walk around doing what I can each day toward my ultimate destination. There is more than one reality.