RAISING AWARENESS of schizophrenia to promote a cure

Hello my dear brothers and sisters.
The people in the media(major newspapers, tv channels, internet sites) need to know our stories.
They need to know how schizophrenia destroys our lives through its cognitive symptoms.
We need to talk to them and let them know(each in his own country).
The more people care and know our suffering, the closer we are to a cure.
Off we go!

If you have a disease model for a disease then you know what’s not working right and then you have a target for curing the disease. With schizophrenia there are 10s if not 100s of disease models, all which are true for some individuals with the disease. Some disease models cover a majority of those with the disease whereas other disease models cover only a minority.
It’s not a matter of finding a cure, it’s a matter of governments being willing to use what chemicals already exist to treat the disease, and company CEOs being willing to invest money to develop actual cures that cure and not cause 10s of other diseases in the individual.

If people actually wanted they could very easily cure many diseases, or so it would seem.

In order for governments and companies to cure our disease we have to DRAW ATTENTION TO OUR SUFFERING.

Feeling unwanted is a part of our disease. So it is difficult to engage interest.


They might KNOW(and might not!) but they don’t CARE! We have to PESTER them! IT IS TRUE OF OTHER DISEASES
AS WELL. I will try to FORCE the issue of CURING DISEASES to the top of the agenda in ISRAEL.
You have to do it in your country. DO IT FOR MANKIND!

Why was this flagged is it because he talked about neo-liberals?


I love your enthusiasm but it sadly won’t work. How many organizations do not already exist to force diseases to be investigated and cured, and nothing happens. How many organizations do not exist that seek to make change in favor of a group of people, and nothing happens. It just doesn’t work like this in the modern world, I am sorry to say. Protest all you will, if anything happens it will only be symbolic, social media stuff.

In my own home country some top politicians have talked about using “natural” (i.e. non-patented) treatments for diseases like cancer, but what changed? - nothing. Where there is no incentive, there is no change.

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@NoEmotions, please try not to discourage others from making positive changes in the world. Nothing will ever change unless people keep trying. Advancements have been made, even in the last few years. New treatments and therapies are constantly being developed, and that would never happen if we didn’t have brave souls out there raising awareness and fighting for funding.

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The cure is on it’s way already, keeping working on it if you wish though but it won’t matter.

Yes, the actual cure for this is coming quickly.

Care to know what it is?

Some wouldn’t like it very much but who cares and ■■■■ em.

there is no real cure aside from basically getting a masters in both neuroscience and psychology…

Brains are dynamic and plastic…

I was thinking about a new metaphor for how I view psychosis. It’s like a doughball of glass and barbed wire… dragons and snakes and demons and the sufferer all wound up in it.

Some fears are real and common. Many of schizos internal experience however are not. It’s a strange line to draw when you decide just what weaknesses you allow yourself to have. In order only to better focus on tougher difficulties in the great rewrite of everything that is recovery from schizophrenia.

Like post traumatic stress… really being honest with oneself and not hiding from obvious truths.

Gotta need that ball of ■■■■■■■■ and break it all down and desensitize to the implications and the neuroticism… at least another dozen things… but work all that ■■■■■■■■ into being a nice and soft internal pillow of the mind.

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