Rainy days 414

Got rain this morning in the lands of the Kansa.

Pretty cool. Was just thinking I probably like this season due to my birthday coming up this month. Rather contradictory, I don’t live for birthdays, but by namesake April still is my proclaimed favorite.

Then the thunderstorms… Drives people inside and makes the world feel a boggy Marsh. Let’s me sit and speculate about the world like I did when living in the country.

Schizophrenia, what a blast. The mind-■■■■ done once over and then again.

I’m winning the fight though, just like all of you, just by being hear and wrestling through it.

I still have a lot of delusional thoughts, but they are identified as such. So the perfect picture of the duality, both real and unreal and coexisting, comes clearer into focus all the time. Harmless, the head noise is perceived as harmless. That is on so many levels.

It’s unfair to lose one’s mind, but I’ve seen a new way to interpret the statement. It’s not that you’ve lost your marbles or you started going crazy. It’s as if you lost the right to your mental space. Literally, the subconscious or the collective or whatever it is has deemed you unrightful in having a mental space to yourself at all.

Thank big G above that I’ve never been one to have panic attacks or fugue out…

More on that later folks, clocking in at 10.


I have never seen showers but heavy rain in my country.

I like the idea of duality- you identified them; the idea of harmless head noise.

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Nice to meet you zoom. Good name.

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Nice to meet you too. I was Plumber…