Rainy day inside

Today it is cold and rainy outside, and warm and cozy inside. All I want to do is curl up under a blanket and enjoy a good book. But my conscience wants me to go to the gym and wash the dishes. Well, conscience, that’s just too damn bad, because this is snuggle weather!


Those dishes wront wash themselves

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I wish I could stay in my bed today!!! At work and I’m miserable.

Are you sleepy because of the Geodon?

More because of the seroquel, I took last night to sleep. It was only like 25mg. If I take 60mg Geodon at night, will it still work the next day for voices?

It depends on how you react to it. When my symptoms were really bad, I needed the morning dose too, but now that I’m getting better, I only need the evening dose. It has been over two months for me at this level, so I’m pretty sure I can maintain this long-term. My symptoms are generally worse at night though. And Geodon never made me stop hallucinating. It only made my hallucinations more pleasant so I could go about my day.

I got my act together and washed the dishes. Now I think I’ll make dinner. Eggplant Parmesan with homemade sauce from fresh tomatoes. It is my favorite!

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Excellent ■■■■■■■ idea!

Self washing dishes!

You just feed it into a slot and boom you walk away.

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I LOVE rainy day afternoons when I have the time off…

A blanket… A book… a cup of coffee or tea… a small fire in the fire place… open the windows and listen to the rain… and smell the clean ground…

My sis usually uses those days to bake up some cookies or muffins…

another favorite… a walk on a beach in the rain… most the sunny day beach goers have run away…

the beach is empty … so the seals and otters come out and play.

I love the rain.

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Can I come over to eat?

Sure. Especially if you’re willing to help with the dishes afterward. I always make such a mess of the kitchen!

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