Rainbow Owl

Earlier tonight a really bright plane was flying over my area and as it went past in front of me it became a brilliant rainbow owl. I only know two people who I think would do an owl illusion, but it was cool.


thought i would say hi.
that sounded beautiful.
take care

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A rainbow owl sounds awesome

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rainbow owl ++
thumb up

Rainbow owl! Rainbow owl! Everybody dance for the rainbow owl! Thats my rainbow owl song :slight_smile:

I want to know what Bruce Willis looks like??? Not the actor. You? Do you have a pic?

Nahh no pic. Way to paranoid to post picture in one of those picture threads. Im afraid friends or family might find me haha

Ok I understand

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That sounds beautiful.

I love owls gonna do a lampshade art of them.

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Le Rainbow Owl sind Gut

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AAHHH Bruce Willis!!! Your personality man, it’s the greatest!

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You mean they sound cute.