Rain and Flem

Did a few chores.

That’s how my day has been.

I like the rain.

The stuff I’m hacking up… could do without that. It’ll pass in time.

What do you mean by hacking up? It’s really hot and humid over here. I’m going downtown waiting for the train but i should’ve gone to a pool for the day.

Coughing up some nasty stuff.

Hot and humid, that’s the typical weather here. The rain is a nice break… only 73 F.

What’s the average summer temperature like up there?

Here in central Illinois (not far from you), there has been a head and chest cold going around. I should know; I got both. The head cold took about 10 days to clear up. As for the chest cold…well, my asthma made it bad enough to warrant 2 trips to the pulmonologist. Took me longer to get over the bronchitis, but it did finally happen. My suggestion…invest in some Mucinex D. That’s the crap you have to sign for at the pharmacy counter.

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It doesn’t get too hot like the middle east, up to 32 degrees celsius but humidity levels go up. Today is a little crazy.

Noted. I can tolerate this for now, but if I get tired of it I’ll get some mucinex.

Are you in california?

That’s not bad. Humidity is the worst. I’m glad its going to be raining all day, otherwise humidity would be an issue.

It’s not unusual for it to sit around 80% here.

Sudafed (both the real stuff, and the uncontrolled new stuff) can help a lot with congestion. You wanna stop that $hit from travelling to your lungs - cough it out. Robitussin DM works as well. Go to the pharmacy and load up on crap. That’s what I do. If my lungs weren’t so FUBAR’d, I’d lick these colds in no time flat. Sigh.

Kansas born & raised

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This song came on a playlist. Big hit of nostalgia, back before I first moved up here for college I’d visit a lot and drive around playing music. Rainy days were the best back then too, especially with this song playing.

I read somewhere that when folks quit tobacco they often have a productive cough for a while. Apparently the lungs try to clear themselves. Have you got a temperature cos that could signify an infection?

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No fever.

That’s pretty much what it is. My lungs starting to get ahead of the build up that has accumulated over the years.

I’m guessing it might be like this for a month or so.

I feel great otherwise.