Ragey type of night

Feeling so angry. Going to ask to go back to Risperdal pills. Invega is not controlling the anger at all. I cannot do this to my family again. Can’t sleep even with 2 Klonopin. Might need a 3rd. Low dose anyway would only be a combined 1.5 mg.

I need chocolate.

what’s got you so angry? I don’t understand…do you think you’re unstable.?

Invega did not work out for me so much and I switched back to Risperidone.
This was a while ago.

Why did you switch @anon4362788?

That sucks. Wat do u get angry about

anger leads to hate

hate leads to the dark side

calm you will be hmmmmmngh



60 mile or so round trip twice a month and a gaz guzzler van. Medical transportation won’t to get meds.

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Everything. 151515

Bwahahaha! Perfect

I hope you managed a wink of sleep. I had horrible flashbacks a week ago and i said something inappropriate to close family members. But they understood and knew right away it wasnt really me. I still felt horrible about it though.

Fell asleep around midnight for once. Thank you Klonopin.

I am sorry for what went on with your anger. Hoping you don’t have to deal with that today or anytime soon again.

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