@raelyn_fenn; ‘self image’

I was sad yesterday about your small fopah(sp) on here… Guess I am spending too much of my day on here cause I read.

The Internet can do a lot of good; AND as such I thought you could paint your ‘Ear’’ and know that the rest of a woman’s body is as beautiful as said ‘ear’.

@ZombieMombie will take me back into good graces; (in my headspace); and that’s a lot!!

(Zombs, just referencing the first impression you got from me).

And take a lot of solace, Nobody judges you poorly especially right now; you are no longer having detractors(if that were possible previously) in a place where they might have thought to themselves you were fishing for compliments…

I for one don’t think THAT especially now; so maybe your post served a purpose there…

But try this perhaps and if you find yourself in needs, publish it somewhere - with a creative caption(the ear), lol.

It is what the Internet was invented for… a lot of people will rise to the occasion, come by your side and make you feel better.

(I tagged a mod because I’m talking to you too much, but I feel (healings in me) by being nice;)

(‘Nice’ is a safe word because it doesn’t take any ‘carnal!’ semblances or associations; And nice guys, well… that’s a subject for another thread… Hahaha!!!



Publish my ‘ear’ somewhere else.

That’s something to consider, why thankyou!


At the same time it is called ‘private’ part for a reason maybe.


I’ll bring it up with my therapist, this idea

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What did I miss?

I wanted to post a photo of my private parts on the forum. I asked mods for consent but it got taken down the request, I didn’t actually post it. I thought it might help me. I’m not so sure now.


Oh no @anon83141956 - you don’t want to post that here.

I used to be part of a body dysmorphia forum years ago, and it was helpful.

We weren’t allowed to seek assurances about our perceived flaws though.


I plagiarized the great Louise Hay, a little.

I read one book of hers… it wasn’t ‘Love your body’ but that’s probably a good one to state…

I read her best known one in all likelihood, and never forgot the sound bite;

‘The anus, is as beautiful as the ear’.

It helps me.

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I think you’d end up feeling embarassed and quitting the forum.
You’d do yourself a favour by trying to let it go.
Most guys are so happy to get to touch a girl’s private parts that they don’t care what the parts look like.

Try not to let obsessing get in the way.


Thanks Miika :green_heart:

I am getting therapy soon hopefully. Hopefully I’ll resist the urge to post it somewhere else, more appropriate.

Thing is I once did send a pic to someone once before and I feel like, well it’s out there anyways.

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Having said that, I think he hopefully didn’t keep the pic, at least that’s sort of what he said.

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Also I’d like to add, if you decide on behalf of someone that you’re not good enough for them, you dent them the opportunity to decide for themselves, and to prove you wrong

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I think though that when I truly believe I’m not good enough for someone, whatever relationship type, if I truly believe that, then there’s no way someone could convince me otherwise. Because the belief is based on my resultant behaviour too, which is… Uncomfortably uncomfortable

But yea I get what you’re saying.

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The old saying , you have to be able to love yourself, were given one body and have to make the best of it.
I once dated the perfect blue eyed blond, after about a month I could not stand to be in the same room with her, it all comes down to how you present yourself, and accepting yourself for who you are and not so much how you look


Thanks Mountainman :slight_smile:

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I’d be a little more interactive on the thread I started but have a busy day watching my bro’s baby while he and his wife work.

Hope you are able to get unstuck on this and I’m sorry if it were men who made you feel like this…

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It’s complicated what made me feel like this.

Don’t worry I feel honoured that you made a thread dedicated to me!!!

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