Radio Interview Nerves

I am trying to build up confidence as i am trying to recommence my Radio Interviews skills, I took a break in Sept 2021 to try and go live but it didnt work out, the last 2 months i have been pre-recording current & new music mostly with a tiny bit of chat.

I am trying to set up a regular slot with a mindfulness & wellbeing coach, and i have a high profile Interview coming up for women’s week as well,


Good you see you’re still working in radio


Hey Cragger, nice to see you :slight_smile: are you still producing good music?

I’m sorry we havent had the chance to do that interview we talked about yet.

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Good to see you too man. It’s been a while

Yes, I’ve written and recorded several new songs since last we spoke.

The delay in that interview has been on my end. It’s difficult to get any 2 of us together in the same room at the same time these days. Everybody works weird shifts.


Do you use Ableton to mix your music? I purchased Ableton recently but I’m the laziest person and haven’t even used it :frowning:
I’m hoping to use it one day, I’m just not confident bc I don’t play an instrument and i haven’t written anything for a while.

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No sorry, I use Pro Tools. I’m sure they’re all quite similar to each other, but I’ve only used Pro Tools and Studio One. I would look for YouTube videos, just to learn the basics anyway. Very best of luck!

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I spoke to the mindfulness coach today and he was really cool, so we are definitely going to be making shows together :slight_smile: its going to be great, just need to figure out what topics we can discuss.


Awesome! It’s so cool that you are on the radio.

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thanks zannah, its a good hobby, keeps me busy :slight_smile:

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