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And live isolated separate from reality

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I don’t want any connections and any people in my life

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Doesen’t sound like a good strategy. Without other people our lives would be meaningless. I can understand that it’s difficult to be social under our circumstances, but you shouldn’t give up on the idea of interacting with others as long as you do it on your own terms.

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I get this feeling too. In fact I have it now. But it’s really important for your health to remain in contact with others. Even if you’re just sitting in the same room as someone else doing your own things.

Yeah it might feel fake or forced but your loved ones will appreciate time spent with them. Especially if you’re honest about not doing well.

Hang in there @radiant_rise_future


I don’t know you seem to have erratic experience lately

Perhaps you can compromise and go camping off grid for a few days each week or month?

Perhaps no no possibility of that

I’m sick of being alone

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Sorry you are so hurting…

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Elephant or snake?..… asked gorilla

Dunno, blue whale maybe?

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Maybe worm of earth

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We can talk about something cool

Heres a carrot for you to look after while the mods are away.



What a great carrot , I want to think about it something creative

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But it’s scary…….scary

I will meditate that thread

Hi @radiant_rise_future, I have given you your own Superthread like Pedro has so that all of your posts can be in one place.