Raaaaaahhhh-Insomnia sucks

I haven’t slept well going on 4 days now aaaaaahhhhhh I was tripping today and also got on the entirely wrong bus even though I knew where I was going and now I’m going to skip part if not all of a class to try to sleep and aaaahhh I’m just hungry all the time from this Abilify. Soooo tired, I’ve gotten a little less than 3 hours sleep tonight and it felt like someone was touching my face before I fell asleep and then I woke up to a freaky nightmare. Blah I say, blah.

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Oh I’m sorry! Counting sheeps doesn’t work uhn? Don’t take more ativan!

I’ll down the whole bottle @.@ hoho just kidding. I won’t take anymore than the pdoc says, don’t worry. Jeez I wish the Abilify still made me drowsy, it doesn’t at all anymore. Just makes me outrageously hungry. I’ll be darned if I let it make me gain weight though so I’ve been using every ounce of self discipline to still eat my regular amount lol.

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I know what you mean! I’m always hungry. I found out I have an enormous amount of self control not to eat everything in sight.

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Insomnia is a major problem for me when I have a relapse.

I’m just hungry all the time from this Abilify.

Take this:


It’s a low powered bcomplex that won’t interact with abilify. High powered ones seem to interact with it.

It keeps food cravings at bay for me.

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abilify takes about two months to get used to from the first “starting dose” pill. give it some time.

Man, sorry about that. The abilify keeps me up into the late hours pacing about. Darn abilify, the side affects are decreasing so there is hope it will go down for you too.

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