R u the same person online versus irl?

Lol!!! Thanks sooo much @shutterbug !

Im pretty much the same, although online I do feel more free to be sarcastic :wink:

Pretty much. Zombies and profanity.




IRL I can be shy around peeps I don’t really know, until I feel comfortable with them (which can be rare sometimes).

Online, imma mu’fukkin keyboard warrior :sweat_smile:.


I think pretty much every iteration of me is annoying AF.

Yes. I’m Clint. Here, and in real life.

No, not a superhero. No, not an archer.

But, still Clint.

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I think I’m the same irl as online. Although, I’m more chatty online. In real life I talk very little unless it’s one on one.

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This is the only place I’m online socially. No FB or Instagram or anything. I tone it down. Loooootta jokes I’d like to make that don’t belong here. IRL I’m the same as most. Quiet in front of people I don’t know, obnoxious around people I do.

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I’m an archer. What do you need me to shoot?


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Well, that’s a very nice offer. Thank you. I have no current, physical targets to shoot, but who knows? I’ve seen indications of therapists using archery to combat parkinsonism, so maybe you could give me some pointers someday, for health troubleshooting.

I have a lot of time (not that I always use it) to think of things to say, think of words etc here. I’m much worse at conversation. I often mix up words, and I used to be pretty well spoken, so I sometimes pause get frustrated and then try to find the word I wanted.


Well since my mom taught me to be polite to everyone, the only place I can be mean is anonymously online… which translates to being honest sometimes on Reddit. Which backfires. So honestly I think the best policy is just to be nice to everyone even if they are a-holes.

I’m an isolation warrior.


I -think- i sound more intelligent online, and i barely talk at all irl unless i am with my mum. I have severe social anxiety and so don’t socialise at all irl. I don’t deliberately make myself sound different online though.

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Oh! Was the original question about a change in so-called “writing style,” such as that which has been noted in me, here?

Please consider this: According to some hypotheses or theories in psychology, some multilingual people actually have different personalities when communicating in different languages.

Some fields of study have their own language. Mathematics, for instance, has been call the language of science.

Is it so surprising that a person who lectured to college mathematics classes as part of his first official job, and has had about 30 jobs in about 10 different industries, would be able to very easily shift between different modes of communication in such a way that others might see it as a different “personality?”

Despite that, I have broached the subject of multiple personalities with my psychologist. He seems quite sure I don’t have DID. I haven’t blacked out in a very long time

Truth in advertising, though, I’ve indicated here before that my first and middle name, like several people, are the first names of two popular characters in culture known as “discordant” OG “Avengers.” I don’t know why my life events seem to have brought out so many aspects of their supposed personalities.

Was Jung right about the collective subconscious? Are those archetypes somehow acting through me?

I don’t know. But, unlike some people with my middle name, I am thankful that my amazing mother is still alive late in my life. So, I’m not always angry.

If we mean this forum by online then…

It’s still me but much more confident version of me in some respect as you are not all face to face with me. And also as I know I probably will never be face to face with any of you.

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Oh, and as far as remaining anonymous, I still haven’t revealed my last name, I believe, and there are many prominent people with a combination of those other two names. Besides, there was this exchange in the “Hawkeye” series:

(Approximating from memory)

Clint: You realize that my job for the last 20 years has been to be not recognizable, right?

Kate: Well, you have officially failed at that.

İ m different personality when i m on second language.more positive and easy going.i m more depressive and realistic on my native language

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“Keep your head up… Movin’ on…”


Same, I don’t know how I would be a different person

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