R u excited about the coronation?

I find it exciting. I have the TV on the news channel and it is only about 2 a.m. and the newscaster is in Britain.


I find it silly


Reminds me of the night of watching Prince Charle’s and Princess Diana’s wedding on TV. Worst night of my life. Was staying over a friends house while they were gone on vacation. Totally freaked out that night, about as close to going insane as I had ever been.


Not really. 151515151515

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Honestly, no. I’d be into it if William was king, but I can’t take Charles seriously no matter how hard I try.


I kind of am excited and I’m a Yankee
It’s always nice in todays bleak and chaotic world to see the British people come together for such a joyous event.

There’s enough doom and gloom going around

This is refreshing.

I’m watching it now on TV


I love them but i don’t want a part in hierarchy stuff.
It doesn’t suit me.

No one should ever boss me about or tell me what to do without my permission.

My sister and other family think they are my superior in their hierarchy views because I didn’t go to university and because I’m not rich or successful and because i don’t work.
I can’t stand the way they treat me, disrespect me and look down at me.

I’m not ok with talking down at people or not me anyway :crazy_face:

Uptight and conservative can be so uncomfortable and awkward.

As long as they leave me alone and don’t suppress me or try bossing me about I’m good.

As said I do love them.

The biggest reason I isolate at moment is probably hierarchy stuff anc people trying to suppress me and think they are my superior and treat me with disrespect.
I rather be by myself than around people who don’t treat me right.

I can’t stand being around my sister and them but i know in my heart I have soul sisters who are so much more and better than her and who treat me beautifully.
Thank God for my girlfriends.they are so beautiful.

There’s not many people I’m comfortable with.

But yeah i do love the royals.

I have Facebook friends who hate them because they are rich and have such rolls but I disagree.
I love them.

As long as they don’t interrupt my spirit and energy or suppress me etc or stuff.

They have my love that’s good enough for me.

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I love them dearly but Kate seems so stuck up and like she talks down at people.
Hope William will sort her out or help her improve.

I prefer Camilla over Kate.


OK. My first thought was “coronation?!? What coronation?”

That’s about how excited I was. And how well I follow the news. :slight_smile:

I can imagine, if it is your country, many find it interesting to see though.

Cool. I’m watching a part of it. I actually DO find it interesting, with all the rituals. He is getting a sword now, with beautiful words of what he is supposed to do with it (help the widows and orphans, fight evil, do justice, etc).

I’m not a royal family lover but I like to watch all these events. I like watching marriages of harry and William. The queen’s funeral and the coronation

I watched the highlights. It was on all day here in the uk.

I only wanted to listen to the choral music lol.


Lol thats funny

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I didn’t care. I don’t like Charles. I don’t know why they didn’t have a coronation immediately, following Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. I don’t understand why they waited so long.

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Not that im a royalist, put to plan the security and the logistics of such an event can take many months.

I sit on the fence with the Monarchy. I just see them as bringing in Tourism Revenue.

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Oh ok. I get it. Thank you for the explanation.

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For the record, I’m not a royal watcher or follower.

I just enjoyed seeing the different families and people getting together for such an event.


My parents watched it with great interest. They know a good deal about the British royal family in recent times, both serious facts and gossip.

I’m far less interested, I watched some cartoons then went out for a stroll…

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