R.I.P sz toothbrush!


my dark sith toothbrush is no more, the battery died !!
but good news, i am off to find me a ’ captain jack sparrow toothbrush ’ ( well a tooth brush with pirate stickers i can put on it !?! )
" shiver me timbers "
" yo ho ho ho, it is a pirate’s life for me !?! "
take care
p.s take care ’ me hearties !?! ’


I found this toothbrush. I didn’t buy it because I should save it for you…

With a toothbrush like this you could save a damsel in distress and have a gleaming smile.


Hmmmm…first the new pajamas .Now the new toothbrush. Next: electric shaver? Waterpik?




wow, i am speechless…i have no words…that is awesome…i would not get much teeth cleaning done !?!
i would just be practicing my fencing skills !?!
take care


whoah… hang on there, lets not go too fast, an electric shaver !?!
i am still trying not to cut myself with a normal razor…ouch!!
take care
p.s. my skill level is not that high !!