R.I.P. Chester Bennington

I was never a fan, but still shocking.


Tragic, another great musician gone too soon.

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I was a fan of earlier albums…really touched by many of their songs and his powerful voice…
I guess he was a close friend to Chris Cornell and it was Cornell’s birthday today, so it sounds like grief played a part in his decision.
I hope no one follows him…
God rest his soul. :wilted_flower:

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I grew up listening to Linkin Park :disappointed: Meterora and hybrid theory were the soundtrack to my life at one point! RIP Chester :heart:️:disappointed:

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It is so weird to keep getting news about suicides, esp when they seem to be healthy and well! :frowning:
It is so sad =(

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I was never a big fan but liked some of their older stuff.
RIP Chester.

RIP chester. IMO one of the greatest bands out there. I was a bigger fan of there music than I usually am for groups.

I am big fan of linkin park and chester …!!!

Illuminati murder.

They sign a contract with a bapomet and they have to die at a certain time.

So sad… RIP Chester

Yesterday was a sad day, and still feeling it, today.
I grew up listening to them (more into their older music), and they inspired me a lot.

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He’s still young. It’s breaking my heart, when I read this news for the first time. :sob: