Quote yourself ppl

I used to have a chainsaw with a 30" blade that I bought from the loggers in the pacific north west

Don’t quote me on that

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Don’t sweat the temporary problems… and they’re all temporary

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“Shut Up it’s 2 AM! Why are you yelling at people on your phone!?”


My favorite quote of mine: “When you loan money to someone, most of the time they will make their problems into your problems.”


“Taking care of your teeth is like taking care of your car, when a problem occurs, the longer you wait to fix it, the worse and more expensive it gets to fix it.”


Whenever someone asks me “hows it going?” I answer, “It could be better, it could be worse.”


to find comfort in solitude one must be a wild beast or a god

“You’re thoughts shape your reality”

Actually I didn’t come up with that, but it’s true for me.