Quote yourself ppl

A quote I developed 5 years ago

"Nothing spells freedom like an indoor cigarette "

Not meant to be a serious quote.


God I want a cigarette so much right now. I haven’t smoked in like 5 years. But man I really want one.

Sorry if I triggered you. The demon cigarettes are evil, it’s so tempting it so bad for you… People who’ve never smoked wouldn’t understand…

Nah, you’re fine. I have a vape pen, but I’m out of juice. :sob::sob::sob: I used to get it at the mall, but they stopped selling the ones with no nicotine.

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I Vape at level number three… Lately I’ve been smoking … Cigars filtered cigars but might as well be cigarettes. I figured I can smoke indoors in my apartment is no rule against it and It feels damn good to do. Trying to not get in the habit though cuz I don’t want this place to stink!!

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How about this quote:
“keep your friends close but your enemies on mark” :mag_right::mag_right::mag_right:


When I was at my most depressed and suicidal, I used to say: “Life sucks and then you keep on living”.


“I am a prophet of God and I forgive all of you”

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Measure twice, cut once

Don’t use a chainsaw while naked


Good ones!!! :pensive:

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Live life like you’re dead and remembering


Here’s one from me - "Just because it is the pot calling the kettle black doesn’t mean the kettle isn’t black.


If you want to live large you got to spend large.

Best said when buying something cheap

One of mine was

“What use are words in a society that speaks with noise?”

Edgy past self wahaha


No one can hear you speak in a vacuum

Don’t use a chainsaw while naked got me :joy: Words of wisdom I’m sure


The average chainsaw accident requires 28 stitches

Not my quote: “don’t drink and use the chainsaw”

I try to avoid sharp objects period. I sent myself to the ER from trying to use an exacto knife LOL

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“don’t cut your pecker off unless you want to be without a pecker”

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