Quote by Mick Jagger

I’d rather be dead than singing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m forty-five.
Mick Jagger


I’d rather he sing Satisfaction then Under Cover. I just looked it up…

He’s 71 now.


Old age always seems so bad to you when you’re young. Actually, now that I’m a little bit older, I’m not exactly liking it. I would like to have been a little bit more accomplished by now.

Man was I a self centered jerk in my 20’s - Grandiose, arrogant and selfish - I am not glad to be my age, but I like myself a lot more now than ever

mick jagger gives me the creeps…that’s one creepy dude.
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Yes, he is rather decadent as are all the Stones.

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Mick Jagger is one of my heroes as is band mate Keith Richards. Jagger has been and is hilarious in person, very witty as are his lyrics.

If I had not get this mental illness, I would agree with what Mick Jagger said in this quote. I used to be a person who always strives for the best. But now with this debilitating illness, I can’t achieve what I should have achieved. So this quote reminds me of what I failed to do. Very sad.

Keith Richards is pretty funny in interviews too. Try reading Keith Richards autobiography, called “Life”. I think they are so funny because their lives have been so unbelievable, they have seen and done so much for so many years they probably crack up at themselves and their escapades and how on earth they managed to survive.

I didn’t get to read all of “life” but what I did I really enjoyed, particularly how Brian Jones was such a ■■■■. I’m sad that he died like he did and all but he abused that one woman that Keith ran away with and seperated from Brian and stayed with Keith. I love how Johnny Depp mimicked Keith Richards personality in Pirates of the Carribean.

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Yes! I didn’t know that Brian Jones was such a jerk until I saw a Keith Richards interview on YouTube a few months ago. Up until then I always felt sorry for him because Jagger and Richards ganged up on him. But apparently he was a real mean guy. So that bubble was burst.


I love the permanent looks on Charlie Watt’s face as he drums. He looks so steady and low key, but he’s doing some amazing things back there, yet he never seems to break a sweat. I like watching older Stone’s vids before they got all video savvy and started turing out things like “neighbors”

If you ask me Keith Richards is very creepy! he also has a tendency to bad mouth others, especially during interviews

Yeah, I like watching old clips of them too. “Start Me Up” is pretty good. The REAL old clips of them from the sixties are great. As I’m writing this I have the radio on in the background and I swear to god, “Paint it Black” just came on!!

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it helps her on her way through her bloomin busy day

I’ve only had 5…