Quora is a forum

I don’t know, but there i got some kind help as well.
What you think ?

Sometimes they write academic stuff online too…

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I’m on Qoura writing about mental illness and schizophrenia. It’s a pretty good Q&A site, but the moderation sucks. I also created a space for people affected by schizophrenia, and I post articles involving schizophrenia related things. But you won’t find me under John Raven because it’s just an alias. Instead I use my real name

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Quora seems to have a lot of pseudo-intellectuals. A lot of people post spiritual crap or anecdotal self evidence on the schizophrenia questions.


They do that all the time, especially when talking about voices. Sometimes I fell like I’m the only writing about actual science and real experiences.



There is No Reason For You to Insult Those Feeling Weak And Finding Help When No One Else Has The Ability or Instincts to Do it For The Victims Themselves.

Spirituality is a Very Beautiful, Fulfilling, Amazing Sense of Perfection For Anyone Willing to Drop The Nonsense of Popular Mainstream Culture.


Have a Great Day!.. . … :100:

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Let’s please not turn this into a spiritual debate.

I Probably Will Become a Lawyer For Futuristic Witch Burnings in The Future.

It’s My Calling… . … :100:

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